BIM Education and Industry’s Expectations

BIM software skills as the most desired learning outcome of BIM education at the university level. However, others found that BIM concepts and BIM process knowledge are considered more important than software skills for AEC graduates because BIM technologies are continuously evolving and mastering them in a BIM tools alone is not effective for long-term BIM implementation.
Some of the survey from the industry expert (The Realities of Building Information Modeling for Collaboration in the AEC Industry) found that industry participants believed that socio-technical BIM skills, such as collaborative and interdisciplinary BIM processes, are as important as software skill.

What are the Industry expectations ?

Inter disciplinary BIM Process

In construction, multi-disciplinary teams can be particularly helpful on complex projects which are increasingly beyond the capability of a single discipline to undertake. The approach was first used in the 1960s and 70s for major public sector projects, where professional disciplines such as architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, planners, economists, and so on, were employed as a single team, rather than a series of independent teams.

Collaborative BIM Approach

Collaborative approach is obligatory for construction project delivery. Interdisciplinary collaborative work environment development on a common platform has become a key indicator for successful project completion in recent years. Construction industry has poor productivity because of its fragmented structure. There are improvement in collaboration
strategies with new technologies and methods in construction industry acquisition, knowledge sharing, and interactive working platforms, etc. The fragmented structure of the industry triggers dissociation in working environment, which in turn leads the disintegration in the end product. Disintegration within the project life cycle leads failure in the project results. Therefore BIM enhances collaboration involving integrated implementations of diversified background
professionals in construction projects.

BIM Tools

Traditional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings (i.e., graphical entities such as dots, lines, and curves) and 3D models (i.e., 3D based presentations, rendering, walk-through, etc. to enhance model-based visualizations) have evolved into a new paradigm: intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM). This tool consists of data-rich smart objects (defined in terms of building elements and systems such as spaces, walls, beams, and columns) being aggregated for the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of facilities. Intelligent BIM has multiple dimensions from 3D to nD — such as 3D-visualization, 4D-scheduling, 5D-estimation, 6D-facility management applications, and 7D-sustainability — offering multiple benefits such as BIM model use throughout the building life cycle . Hence, intelligent BIM provides an opportunity for Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Operation (AECO) industry stakeholders to evaluate possible solutions and identify potential problems of the final product before the start of actual construction.

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